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4 July 2011

Virtual Shopping: Tesco South Korea

According to Tesco, Korean's are the second hardest working culture in the world (the winner's weren't mentioned) so when looking for a way to compete against the market leader E-Mart they took their stores to the people. Tesco set up virtual stores in subways so people could do their shopping while waiting for trains. South Korea is well-suited for this new store concept with over 10 million smartphone users - that's 1 in every 5 people! 

How it works  
The virtual shopping experience works by using QR (Quick Response) codes to select food items. The items are arranged to arrive within hours (or even minutes) ensuring that they are ready when the commuter returns home. 

The Results 
Tesco's sales increased 130% just in three months, and their number of registered users went up by 76%! They are now number one for online groceries and the gap between them and E-Mart has narrowed offline. Whether you see their virtual stores as a display advertising campaign or a new way of building supermarkets in spaces that already exist, that’s a remarkable achievement. (Source: Telegraph UK)

Tesco Homeplus - Virtual Subway Store
Source: Geek.com

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