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22 July 2011

Fiji Me - Bus Shelters

In the middle of a New Zealand winter it doesn't take much convincing that escaping to tropical Fiji is a great idea but in case you needed an extra push - these clever bus shelters and billboards remind you exactly what day you're missing out on!

17 July 2011

Recycled Bowling Lane Table

This table was created by LA based wood worker William Stranger out of strips from a closed down bowling alley. I went bowling on Friday night and after one game can vouch that this is the best use of a bowling lane I can think of! 

The full collection of furniture and art created from the bowling lanes can be viewed here

6 July 2011

Nike Stadium Shoe Box

This creative Nike shoe box won a Cannes Lion in 2007. A limited edition of boxes were printed to look like a soccer stadium when opened. By itself this is a cool packaging idea but this was taken a step further with embedded sound chips. When you opened the box you not only saw the stadium but heard the crowd cheering! 

4 July 2011

Virtual Shopping: Tesco South Korea

According to Tesco, Korean's are the second hardest working culture in the world (the winner's weren't mentioned) so when looking for a way to compete against the market leader E-Mart they took their stores to the people. Tesco set up virtual stores in subways so people could do their shopping while waiting for trains. South Korea is well-suited for this new store concept with over 10 million smartphone users - that's 1 in every 5 people! 

How it works  
The virtual shopping experience works by using QR (Quick Response) codes to select food items. The items are arranged to arrive within hours (or even minutes) ensuring that they are ready when the commuter returns home. 

3 July 2011

Prada Men's Collection Runway Show - "The Field"

Created for Prada's Mens SS 2012 Collection by design firm OMA / AMO "The Field" organised the 600 visitors into a perfect grid of blue foam blocks.  The models flowed through the grid following multiple choreographed routes that allowed maximum visibility. The beauty is that more of the audience were able to experience the premium "front row" view.

2 July 2011

25 best TV ads according to Cannes

As judged by Cannes Lions these are the best 25 TV ads from around the world, as you would expect cars and beer dominate but there's a few other gems. Here's my favourite picks, the full 25 can be watched here at Stoppress.

Nike - Write the future
Nike's TV campaign for the 2010 Soccer World Cup was one of the main reasons that it successfully usurped actual event sponsors Adidas. The campaign was viewed on YouTube by over 20 million people. According to a Nielsen survey that tracks brand buzz (by examining brand references in blogs, online message boards, and social networking sites), Nike enjoyed more than double the share of buzz associated with the World Cup than its rival Adidas (30.2% share of buzz vs. 14.4% respectively). 
(source: Harvard Business Review Online)

Nike ‘Write the Future’ by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and Independent, London.