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26 September 2011

Barbie's Fashion Night Out in NYC

Keeping a brand fresh and fashionable is always a challenge, but even more so when your target market have limited attention spans and are lightening quick to embrace the newest trend. Mattel has started taking a grown up approach to marketing by embracing social media and interacting with an older audience to increase Barbie's relevance for the modern woman.

25 September 2011

Shopping for a good cause: Glassons Opens Cure Shop

Back in 2004, Glassons embarked on their first designer collaboration to raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Research Trust. Partnering with Karen Walker, the retailer produced a series of tee shirts with money for each sale going to the NZBCRT. NZ woman embraced the collection supporting this great cause and the cute Karen Walker designs.

Seven years on the project has grown up and stepped up to a whole new level. Glassons have opened "Cure Shop" which will act as a dedicated concession store in all Glasson retail stores and online at glassons.com. 

Shopping for a good cause while getting access to NZ's best designers at bargain prices - WIN, WIN! 

21 September 2011

The World's First Interactive Tattoo

The Ballentine's catchphrase "Leaves An Impression" couldn't be taken more literally than through a tattoo. Signalling a fairly permanent acceptance of new media, a man in France has recently been given the world's first interactive tattoo as part of Ballantine's "Celebrate Original Minds" campaign. At the centre of the piece is a QR code that when scanned reveals a video, essentially "animating" the static tattoo. Given that a QR Code will fail to function if a single square is out of place, I'm certain some extra care would have been taken checking this stencil!

19 September 2011

Adidas Releases Limited Edition All Blacks Shoes

Adidas Releases "All Heroes"

Adidas have teamed up with designer Frank Liew (founder of Qubic Store) an All Blacks limited edition Original Campus 80's sneakers. Four All Blacks legends were chosen to represent the "All Heroes" and brought to life by New Zealand illustrator Elliot F. Stewart. A very simple, understated design is sure to be a hit with collector's, with only 100 pairs being released.

15 September 2011

Victoria's Secret Revealed Through QR Code Billboards

While QR codes aren't normally the prettiest things, the "Sexier Than Skin" Victoria's Secret campaign puts them in a whole new light!

victorias secret QR

13 September 2011

Backstage Pass: How Social Media Makes Fashion Accessible

Looking back at NZ Fashion Week, the underlying marketing trend was enabling fans direct contact. The stand out in my view was designer Kathryn Wilson's use of social media. Through a Facebook event, she cleverly allowed fans from outside the industry direct access to her new collection.

10 September 2011

Bus Advertising - Snapper

Snapper has teamed with sister company iSite Media to create this eye catching bus signage. Love the concept but wonder how effective it would be when the bus is driving around town normally. Guessing the best application is CBD routes where the buses will be stopping often and driving slower.

Hell's Mis-fortune Cookie

With predictions like "You will see your mum in a strip club" and "Cookies may contain traces of spider eggs" these mis-fortune cookies could only be the work of Hell Pizza.

Envied on Best Ads on TV 

9 September 2011

New Blood, New England - The real RWC branding scandal

Forget the controversy surrounding Adidas gear pricing or Telecom's abstain campaign debacle... I think the real scandal is the England's black playing strip. The last thing that English supporters will see at Heathrow on their way to the tournament is the above billboard! Game on England!

6 September 2011

Group behind Flash Hakas Revealed - kapahaka.co.nz

Update on the Flash Hakas - the group behind these are www.kapahaka.co.nz - brilliant efforts and guerilla marketing!

You can see the Queens St intersection video here:

5 September 2011

Haka Flash Mobs Strike in Auckland

Sylvia Park Flash Haka - Is there a brand behind these well organised flash mob hakas that broke out in Auckland today? My cynical side suspects so but my heart wants to believe that this is just rugby fans taking their RWC exctiement to the streets! This video sent chills up me and made me proud to be a kiwi, I really hope a brand doesn't go and wreck this nice nationalistic feeling for me!

Also seen on Queen/Victoria St intersection via Twitter user Ajay Murthy (@ajaystwtr)

2 September 2011

WORLD Made Me Do It! Number One Shoes launch

So exciting - tonight is the final of NZ's Next Top Model - live from the WORLD Fashion show. I'm not overly concerned who will win but I am looking forward to seeing the new collaboration between WORLD and Number One Shoes. From opposite ends of the fashion budget this is partnership will allow a far larger audience to access one of NZ's favourite designers. Benny Castles of WORLD sums it up nicely in the video below "fashion doesn't exist unless people are buying the product and wearing it and loving it" Shoes will be on sale in stores tomorrow, what a great way to launch! Read on to view Benny Castles and Francis Hooper video interview.

1 September 2011

Introducing the Volksubishi - new road safety campaign launches

More examples after the jump!

NZ Next Top Model - live from WORLD show

In a first for NZ's Next Top Model the finalist will be chosen on a live finale after walking in the WORLD show - should make for interesting watching - hope there's not a repeat of Australia's version (when the wrong winner was announced live!).