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27 January 2012

Fancy an extra day of summer?

Fresh Up National Petition 

We all know that summer in New Zealand can be a bit on the rubbish side - I wore tights and boots to work today! Playing up to the topic/compliant of the moment Fresh Up has taken a a fun approach to this ongoing problem - creating a petition to lobby for an extra day of summer. Visitors are asked to sign the petition and share what they'd do with an extra day of summer on the Fresh Up Facebook page. 

I like this idea but think it's not getting the attention it deserves at the moment - with only 446 fans on the Fresh Up Facebook page it needs some help to spread the word (and some advertising budget). So here's my support - if you think it's a clever idea sign the petition here

But first leave a comment and tell me what you think of the idea!  

18 January 2012

Ice Bar Co's Grown Up Brand Voice

Ice Bar Co ice blocks are designed for and marketed to adults, previously an untapped niche. This interview with Stoppress shows a fair amount of research went into the product, flavors and brand voice. The TV launch late last year was humorous, mature and boutique (promoting recipes developed by chefs even though they're part of the giant Fonterra family). The ads won the November round of Colmar Brunton's Ad Impact Awards and can be viewed here.

To continue building the brand it is vital that the personality created in TV advertising is used as effectively across other media. So far it seems like they're doing a great job in this regard. For example they're currently helping grown-ups keep their Ice Bar's safe by giving away free 'frozen pea packet camouflage systems'. The idea is simple - hide your Ice Bar Co ice blocks in the frozen peas bag and keep them safe from 'curious children and greedy flatmates".   

15 January 2012

Creative Sunday Paper Advertising

When I read the Sunday papers I'm usually reading the ads and the articles equally - that's a true advertising geek for you! Anyway here's some kudos to a couple of creative print ads that appeared in today's Sunday Star Times newspaper (excuse the iPhone photos!)...

8 January 2012

29 Ways To Stay Creative

This lovely poster lists some simple ways of keeping your creativity mojo going. It seemed appropriate as I head back to work tomorrow. It was sourced from Jay Mug - a great design and advertising blog that is a real joy to follow.