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27 June 2011

Cadbury Snow Globe

In the 12 days leading up to Christmas 2010 Cadbury made it snow in Auckland. The first time this has happened since 1939. This brilliant installation piece allowed 30,000 Aucklanders to experience a white Christmas - for many this was their first experience of snow.

Cadbury created a giant snow globe and added snow machines so that it would be continously "shaken". 

This is part of the Cadbury campaign "Share The Joy" - ambitous, clever and beautifully executed - hits the nail on the head. Watching this video made me happy - mission achieved Cadbury :)

Share the Joy 
The snow globe is clever by itself - 4 million touch points were created globally from the installation! But the concept is taken to another level by being part of a wider campaign "Share The Joy". The campaign is built around a website (Share The Joy) that rewards visitors for  sharing their own joy. At each of the "Share The Joy" events visitors can be photographed and filmed by Cadbury (at the snow globe a camera was mounted on the snowman) or alternatively take their own pics and upload them to the site later. The weekly prize is a chilly bin fill of chocolate and a grand prize of NZ$5,000 for each event.

The Website 


Other credits
Experiential Creative Director â Steve Kane
Event Director - Amani Peleti
Event Manager â Ben Barratt-Boyes
Project Manager - Andy Robilliard
Account Executive â Tessa Denize
Senior Account Manager PR - Julia George
Senior Account Director PR - Dorita Hollins

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