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10 December 2011

12 Days of Advertising - Day 4

Day Four: Nigel Fowler, Online Marketing Agency 
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The guest contributor for day four of 12 Days of Advertising is Nigel Fowler, the marketing chef (called that by his team for his ever growing passion for marketing and communications) at Online Marketing Agency. He's keen on turning ideas into reality and growing the businesses of his clients.   

You can visit Online Marketing Agency here: www.OnlineMarketingAgency.co.nz

The Best of 2011
Nicole: What was your favorite New Zealand advertising campaign for 2011?
‘Where will happiness strike next’ is my winner for 2011 with Coca Cola New Zealand’s Happiness Truck giving away surprise gifts to the public in downtown Auckland during the Rugby World Cup 2011.
Coca-Cola Happiness Truck Video

The Coca Cola Happiness Truck is a feel-good campaign with a happy ending.  Most who watch it for the first time sit in front of the screen with a genuine smile on their face as the infectious joy of spontaneous, random gift-giving spreads.  The reason I chose this as my memorable campaign of 2011 is because (1) it involved lots of people and (2) it brings back great memories about the All Blacks being #RWC2011 champions.
Nicole: I must admit there was a smile on my face watching this - I particularly liked that the ‘gifts’ weren’t limited to just cans of coke. They were varied and quirky - meaning that people were hanging around to see what came out, even after getting their turn. 
What I feel we should take from this campaign is the fun factor.  Businesses can come up with remarkable events to get people to interact with their brand and capture the experience using visual media.
Those who were involved told their networks and the clip spread virally throughout social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…). That’s where I found out about the campaign.
I look forward to more of these wacky and fun ideas from businesses in 2012.

Three reasons why I expect to see more Online Video campaigns in 2012:
  1. Greater percentage of marketing budgets is being spent online
  2. Video engages the viewer with eyes and ears… if the viewer has them.
  3. Unique marketing can be caught on camera and the experience easily shared through social mediums
Nicole: So what do you hope to see less of in 2012?
Next year I hope to see less and less people using twitter like a robotic, automated broadcasting tool, tweeting the exact same marketing message every hour on the hour.  Most people are coming to understand now that Twitter is a great news source as well as a place to have conversations on topics of interests and build relationships. 

Nicole: So did you get a 'smile on your dial' watching the Coca-Cola ‘Happiness Truck’ in action? Does this type of activity affect your feelings towards a brand or does the good feeling only last as long as the free bottle? 

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