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15 January 2012

Creative Sunday Paper Advertising

When I read the Sunday papers I'm usually reading the ads and the articles equally - that's a true advertising geek for you! Anyway here's some kudos to a couple of creative print ads that appeared in today's Sunday Star Times newspaper (excuse the iPhone photos!)...

1. NZ Transport Authority - Don't bail out just yet  
"Bursting" through the story above this format is pretty eye catching - what I liked is that the "article" is still quite readable and used to reinforce the ad (looks like text from a press release).   

I am curious about the license plate shown - maybe it's one reserved for advertising use not a real plate number. 

Here's the original version of the print ad, NZTA could have easily have repeated this but I think the twist of the character exploding their the text above helps it stand out in the newspaper medium. 

What do you think - which version would catch you eye? 

2. Subaru New Zealand - Backwards text 
Subaru does a great job of standing out in the newspaper medium by utilising white space and clever copywriting. Our eyes tend to be drawn to things that don't add up too - seeing the 'foreign' backwards text headline stops us and draws us in. We're curious and intrigued - and because we worked for it we remember the point too. Very clever!    

This format also allows Subaru to react quickly and take advantage of the current affairs medium of newspapers. Subaru put this to good use during the snow storms in August 2011:

The advertisement won Subaru and it's agency Barnes, Catmur & Friends the August NAB Newspaper Ad of the Month.  

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