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28 May 2012

Seeing is believing - Panasonic "Pro v Am"

Panasonic believes in their Lumix cameras, and are willing to let consumers discover its strengths themselves. But how do you let consumers try a camera? Well by putting two amateurs up against a professional photographer and letting the public judge the results!  

The recently launched "Pro vs Am" battle allows the public to vote for their favourite of two photographs. One shot by a professional photographer, one shot by an amateur - both using a Panasonic Lumix camera. There's ten photo challenges to vote on and every person who votes gets an entry to win one of 8 Lumix cameras as well a cash back voucher. 

Sometimes marketers use competitions as the 'easy' option to attract attention. You know the ones - the "like" our Facebook page to win type. I get frustrated when I see giveaways and competitions that overshadow the actual product benefits. It's especially concerning when the competition/giveaway is disconnected from the actual value proposition. With a poorly though out competition the consumer's focus is short term only, unable to improve long term brand or product perceptions. 

Panasonic's Pro vs Am shows how a competition can be successfully integrated with a brand and product story. Panasonic uses the format to show their product's performance, and it is a convincing demonstration that changed my perception of their product. By allowing consumers to vote creates a much stronger story than if they had compared the results in any other way.  

Enviable Elements
  • Seeing is believing - this format allows consumers to 'discover' the product's benefits for themselves which is a powerful strategy. I was surprised how often I chose the amateurs' shots over the professional's. 
  • Risk factor - there's an obvious risk for Panasonic. If the Pro won outright then not only does the concept fail, but it would damage to the product's reputation. I'm going to put my cynical side away and assume that this is a fair fight with the results truly represent the votes of the public. I applaud Panasonic for taking this risk. It shows a true belief in their product and a willingness to put their 'money where their mouths are'   
  • Web design - clean, bold and well refined. It's easy to vote and contact details aren't required until the final page
  • Social media integration - photos can be "pinned" to Pinterest and extra competition entries can be gained by sharing the site on Facebook and Twitter  
Once you have completed voting you can see how the Ams shot each photo with details on the settings and features that they used.
Voting ends 15th July 2012 - visit the Panasonic Lumix Slapdown site to vote and see whether you prefer the pro or am shots. 

Have a go for yourself, then let me know what you think of Panasonic's Pro vs. Am (and which shots you picked!)

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