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27 January 2013

Supermarket wars heat up

The NZ supermarket wars have stepped up a notch with Pak'n'Save releasing this TV spot directly comparing shopping prices between one of it's own stores and Countdown.

As many people will know, supermarkets in NZ are part of a duopoly with the three chain owned by two corporations Countdown (Progressive) and Pak'n'Save and New World (Foodstuffs). 

Pak'n'Save's 'Stickman' advertising has always been controversial. Last year offending vegetarians with "meat week" and recently poking fun at Lance Armstrong's doping confessions. This bold ad takes things to a new level and is the first direct mention of the competition. 

It will be interesting to see how Countdown respond to this attack in the coming weeks!

On a side note - I don't think the mix of animation and real life footage works well. And the girl's voice is a bit random until you later realise it's an interview.  

What do you think? Does comparative advertising improve your impression of a brand or detract?

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  1. It will be interesting. I think it depends what you want when you shop. Value, service, easy parking etc. But i agree with you, that the combination of cartoon and realife doesn't flow well