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10 February 2013

NZ Post QR Code Coffee Cups

It took me a few minutes to realise my takeaway coffee wasn't in it's usual branded cup. On closer inspection I saw it had been taken over by NZ Post's "First Page" campaign...

"First pages are the very beginning. The initial, tentative step of an epic journey. The gateway to another way of thinking, or the portal to a brave new world."
~ Introduction on NZ Post's readwritegrow.co.nz

The campaign include the opening lines from a range of books such as Suzanne Collin's "Hunger Games" and Andre Agassi's autobiography "Open". A QR Code allows the reader access the full first page and then links to book sellers who stock the actual book.

It's a clever idea that caught my eye and makes good use of the contextual environment the audience will view the ad in. It's literally in your face for the time it takes to drink the coffee and you're more likely to scan a QR code on a coffee cup than if you were walking past a billboard or flicking through a magazine. It will be interesting to see if QR codes ever become widely used in New Zealand. According to QRStuff.com - New Zealander's QR code is on the rise but still sits at a measily 0.8% of the population. Wisely NZ Post accounted for this by also including a written weblink on the cup.

Do you scan QR Codes or ignore them?

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