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26 May 2013

Cadbury takes over the Sunday Star Times

It was impossible to miss Cadbury's take over of the Sunday Star Times this morning. A full cover wrap was used to promote the 'news' that you can now buy more chocolate for the same price. An expensive advertising vehicle to say you're now cheaper. The 10% extra applies to Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks which have increased from 200 grams to 220 grams. 
As I'm a Whittaker's fan an extra 20 grams of chocolate (or as Cadbury would say "10% extra joy") won't change my purchasing habits. The headline does give the overall impression all Cadbury's chocolate is now better value. Cadbury's 220 grams is still smaller than Whittaker's 250 grams, but price-wise Whittaker's has always been more expensive. I've always seen price as a reflection of quality, which is obviously key when it comes to chocolate!   
That said the newspaper takeover was eye catching and the current imagery has a nice "Charlie and Chocolate Factory" whimsy. It clearly got my attention... I'm yet to get past the first page of the paper.   

I'm keen to hear - what do you think of this advertising? 

Front page of the Sunday Star Times (More pictures after the jump)

Showing the reverse of the wrap 
Inside the wrap

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