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28 November 2013

Auckland Airport Through Ad Geek Eyes

For most people an airport consists of check in, security, gates and planes. However, this is a couple of snaps of a recent trip through Auckland Airport. The opportunity to market to higher income business people seems to inspire more creative advertising. Advertising is often the only part of an airport that changes regularly so brands can make an impact by interrupting the familiar landscape of frequent travellers. 

The following brands have done a great job by ulitising unconventional spaces for their advertising messages. Auckland Airport is doing a great job of working with brands and maximising the possibilities for advertising space to be sold. 

Do you have any unusual places you find advertising inspiration? I would love to hear them! 

BMW - X5 4WD  

This image is from BMW New Zealand's Facebook page as it's far better than the distance shot I took
Click read more for other photos.

Meridian Energy - Kids Can 

Michael Hill Jeweller 

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