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12 December 2013

Presents for the advertising geek in your life

With Christmas closing in quickly here's a few gift ideas for the advertising person in your life. Given that several of my family members are subscribed to this blog I must also add a caveat - this is not a xmas hint list! I'm lucky enough to have been given a few of these items already this year. 

1. Extra battery life

Advertising people tend to be addicted to social media and inseparable from their smartphone. Make sure they never have to endure a moment without checking the latest status update or what's being shared about their brand with a Mophie Juice Pack. It's a slim phone case that is also an extra battery. 

More ideas after the jump! 

2. Books 

For anyone in the NZ advertising industry these two books are a must read. Sell! by Idealog editor Hazel Phillips is all you need to know on the history of advertising and the ad agency in New Zealand. It's a longer read but the amusing tales and quotes make it thoroughly enjoyable. 

For those who prefer pictures I would highly recommend Promoting Prosperity. This is a stunningly beautiful book brimming with print advertising from times gone by. The ads range from apples to cigarettes to military recruitment; showcasing how advertising is intertwined with a country's culture and values. I was lucky enough to get this a month ago for my birthday and it's a constant fixture on our coffee table now. 

3. Magazines

These publications are a great source of inspiration and information, I always love receiving the latest copy of Idealog or NZ Marketing. A year's subscription will cost $32 - $36. Good value and a gift that will literally keep giving! 

4. DVDs

This quintessential advertising drama is the logical DVD for the Mad Man (or woman) in your life. Series One is available from Mighty Ape for $19.99. If you're not sure which seasons your recipient seen then another option is the book Mad Men and Philosopy: Nothing Is As It Seems. However you will need to make a gift card for this one as it wont arrive pre-Xmas. 

5. Stationary 

An advertising geek's life includes meetings, lots of meetings. Stationary is an easy option and you can never have too many notebooks! Here's a few of my favourite picks: 
Notebooks from Typo - for the advertising geek who takes themselves seriously, but not too seriously!'
The NY Walls Notebook - instead of note paper this includes photos of NYC streets which allows you to unleash your inner graffiti artist

These wool notebooks by Kikki K are stylish and refillable.

6. Clothing

You've really made it when your brand is cool enough to be a tee shirt slogan. The advertiser in your life will appreciate the irony that these ad slogans that have become so viral that people are paying to wear them. Both are available from Mr Vintage (Ghost Chips and Peach Teats). 

7. Last Resort 
And if all else fails, remember most advertisers live on caffeine so a coffee card will always be well received. To make it more personal find out their favourite coffee shop and load with their usual order. 

Do you have any other gift ideas that should be added to this list?

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