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25 January 2014

Big Day Out - Marketing to music festival masses

Last week Big Day Out returned after a year off in 2013 and found a new home at Auckland's Western Springs. The festival headliners Pearl Jam and Snoop Dogg along with countless other world class bands drew back around 41,000 fans. 

Amongst the tiny jean cut-offs and flower head bands were plenty of brands vying for attention. Here's a couple that caught my eye (click read more below):

1. Lipton Ice Tea 
There is 'refreshing' honesty in Lipton's ice tea marketing. One of their current billboards exclaims "10 out of 10 taste testers tasted it". It's an attitude that appeals to the skeptical Gen Y consumer. Overloaded with marketing messages it's fun to see a brand that doesn't take themselves too seriously and doesn't pretend they're smarter than the consumer. Yes we know you're advertising to us, but at least you brought a giant inflatable slide so we can enjoy it too! 

Lipton also gave away plenty of free ice tea - the hot weather and long drinks lines made it the perfect sampling opportunity. As @FemMcleod's Vine shows the Lipton Ice Tea ride literally 'blew' people away too. 

I couldn't help thinking that this is the type of event (and branding position) Coca-Cola would have owned. I wonder if Lipton is starting to make an impression on the soft drink giant's NZ market share.

Next year it would be great to see Lipton collect empty cans for recycling. The Lipton cans strewn across the fields weren't the best look. 

2. Rock radio station 

I'm assuming that the Rock gave away a lot of singlets in the lead up to the Big Day Out as there were an impressive number in the crowd. They also featured a humorous Rock one-liner. 

3. MTV

Leading up to the day Sky and MTV ran a competition for a VIP view of the main stage (in a cherry picker that over looked the stage). However the reality was this was quite a way from the stage, offered no shade and the winners didn't seem to be having a great time. I entered but wouldn't bother again now I've seen the prize. 

However they also released this massive MTV ball during the Lumineers which was a lot cooler. 

4. Lift Plus Energy Area 

Lift Plus has a large space which included an impressive truck and trailer, bean bags, a photo booth. I must admit I didn't venture in to check it out probably - the promo girls and fenced off area was a little too awkward for me. I think this discouraged others as it didn't seem to have the same interest level as the Lipton space. Perhaps it was just the obvious free giveaways

5. Metro Magazine 

The award for the most creative concept goes to Metro Magazine who created an alternative stage/performance area called the Cube. Described as a live pop-up issue activities included a constantly updated photo display of the BDO crowd in the style of Metro's On the Town society pages, live musical interlude, a display of Metro's best portrait photography, live debates and short films. Visitors could also star on their own personalised Metro cover.

The Metro tent was like a calm oasis in the middle of the BDO crowds but perhaps at a Food Show or arts festival it would have been more at home.  

6. The BDO Acts 
But the ultimate brands on show were the artists we all paid to see. Snoop Dogg's blatant disregard for the laws of the land (encouraging people to smoke weed while he performed) was exactly what I expected. He was a brilliant performer that knew exactly how to play to the crowd. Pearl Jam was humble and lead singer Eddie Vedder paid tribute to the influence the Finn brothers had on his career and told other stories of his travels in NZ. Robert Bruce has some great thoughts on building a brand like Pearl Jam.   

What did you think of these branding efforts? 
Any other BDO brands that deserve some credit (or advice!)? 

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