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26 June 2011

The Apartment

One of my favourite watering holes in Wellington is The Apartment - modeled on a New York Loft the bar has everything you'd expect in an apartment - dining room, kitchen (bar), lounge, outdoor terrace and even a bedroom! It has all the key elements - exposed brick, steel girders, an open fireplace and a relaxed atmosphere. I'd happily transfer the whole set to my own apartment - minus the "convenience store" - a weird booth that sells gum and condoms! I struggle with the creepy experience of realising theres a bored looking person in a hole-in-the-wall on your way to the bathroom

"The Kitchen"
"The Kitchen"

"The Lounge"
"The Terrace"
"The Dining Room"
The light fitting in the doorway of The Apartment
Ironically this is the chandelier I wanted for my own dining room
- feels like this  place was decorated for me!

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