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4 June 2011

Gregg's Caffe Sachets

I was sent this charming direct mail pack along with a free sample of a Gregg's Frothy Caffe Sachets. The pack links seamlessly to the TV campaign where a woman (clearly on her Kiwi OE) is practicing how to request "hot water" in Italian. When the suitably dashing waiter appears she reverts to her best Nu-Zealund (New Zealand) accent and asks in English... it's ok though because the waiter conveniently speaks English! End result, perfect frothy coffee NZ style. 

The premise seems unrealistic but from experience I know it's bloody hard to get a NZ style coffee overseas. I drink mochachinos which unfortunately aren't  a recognised as a coffee type throughout the Northern hemisphere. 

I once ordered an iced chocolate in San Fran (in NZ it's made with ice cream) and was hugely disappointed to be handed a hot chocolate with ice dumped in it. The result was the top layer was cold and watery and the bottom still warm. Now I actually take these coffee sachets overseas with me! Well I must admit it's not actually Gregg's - love the campaign but the coffee was a bit average... 

What I like about this pack is:
  1. Perfect integration with the TV campaign 
  2. High quality stock used 
  3. Tailored approach - doubt many men requested this pack, everything from showing a women using the product to the dashing waiter posed invitingly on the envelope says "designed for females" 
  4. Textbook direct mail - Personalised letter, free sample, discount voucher to encourage purchase
  5. Little details that go the extra mile: 
  • Double sided printing on the envelope when one side would have been much cheaper and easier, from personal experience I know this would have had to be printed first then cut and folded into envelope
  • Double sided printing on letter (full color image of a Vespa on the back of the letter - serves no real purpose except strengthening the Italian connection. A blank back would have been fine, no one would have noticed... but I'm very glad they went the extra mile!  
  • Perforated voucher, if you want me to buy your product make it as easy as possible - don't make me get scissors, that's way too much effort!  
  • And my favorite - every second line of the letter is written in Italian!
Front of printed envelope

Back of printed envelope

Voucher for next purchase 

Back of letter

Back of letter - The Italian brand icon - Vespa

The TV ad that got me to request this free sample can viewed here: 
(it's a collaboration of ads via Stoppress - Gregg's ad can be viewed at 1.19)  

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