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2 June 2011

New Icebreaker Store - Wellington Airport

Was a bit gutted when Icebreaker extended their Wellington Airport store, not because I dislike icebreaker, but because the store consumed the display space my company hired yearly. This was by far the best display space in the airport as it caught all traffic heading to and from domestic gates. But I'm sure the increased revenue from icebreaker outweighed the monthly display fee!
The good news is that icebreaker has done a great job with the new extension. Icebreakers advertising and imagery is always spectacular and this store continues this tradition.

Background: Icebreaker
Icebreaker was founded in 1995 and created a new clothing category "merino active wear". The clothing range is well known in the part it played in the late Sir Peter Blake's circumnavigation yachting record. Blake wore one Icebreaker top for 43 days and nights straight - stating it was superior in every way to anything he had worn before".  A kiwi success story (and part of every NZ marketing grads education) - Icebreaker now exports to over 30 countries in over 2,000 stores. Find out more at Icebreaker's website.

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