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3 June 2011

Polyvore - Living like Anna Wintour

I have just discovered Polyvore - weird name, great idea. Firstly I'm not sure how I have lived without this site, secondly I anticipate that a great amount of time will be consumed on it over the upcoming long weekend!

It's really a pretty clever website idea. I have always loved the idea of being a fashion editor and this site allows me to fulfill this fantasy - whilst also helping me fall in love with a sorts of pretty things. 

While dressed up (excuse the pun) to be a game where you get to play Anna Wintour creating glamorous fashion spreads - you're actually shopping. Every item from jewelery to clothing is linked to a price tag and site where it can be purchased online. Even the pretty pictures of models and catwalks are sourced via modelling agencies to promote new talent and whimsical background design are courtesy of homewares
retailers (everything from wall decals to vases). 

And the experience gets even better, the site allows your masterpiece to be shared with the world through a number of social media platforms. There's even the option to post directly to your Blogger page (so expect to see more of these!). 

Whoever cam up with this concept is a little clever cookie - I envy their brains, and the execution behind this site. Running the risk of seeming gimmicky - this site oozing style. No detail is overlooked including when you right click to save an image you instead get the the html code needed to add to your blog or website (preloaded with the source link of course). 

If you are fashion minded, and have a few hours to kill I strongly suggest checking out Polyvore for yourself. 

But be warned - you will be addicted, do not visit unless you can afford to lose the next couple of hours! 

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