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8 November 2011

Augmented Reality Uses - Part 2

Use #2: Your Virtual Promo Model  

Lynx Causes Angels to Fall From Heaven 
Lynx makes commuters' dreams come to life by using augmented reality to send angels from heaven.

A charity collector interact with a 'fallen angel' but finds she doesn't donate much!

The idea works well with the larger campaign for "Excite". The creative was based on the concept that the scent is so alluring - angels will fall from heaven and cast off their halos... View the video below, some classic reactions from the surprised males too!  

Envied at Augmented Planet 

The Lynx 'Excite' campaign shows that there are benefits for consumers and models alike with augmented reality. I'm pretty sure the Lynx angels were separated by a digital barrier from some of the guys in the video above! 

Tiny Rihanna sings in Nivea Creme 
Another similar example is Nivea's use of their celebrity spokeswoman Rihanna. This use of augmented reality ties nicely with the wider campaign for Nivea but I wish the that video that had appeared was circular to give more of a 'genie in a bottle' feel. 

Envied at Mashable 

Your brand can allow customers to interact with promo models and even celebrities. Esquire magazine used augmented reality to allow fans like find covermodel Brooke Decker. By finding the magazine in Barnes & Noble stores consumers could unlock the virtual Brooke and take photos with her to share with friends. 

Esquire Magazine and GoldRun made Brooklyn Decker appear to consumers

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