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1 November 2011

Top 5: Fun Halloween Advertising Campaigns

Halloween is about having fun - treats, tricks and dressing up - no downside! Here's my top five creative Halloween advertising campaigns - while the confectionery category was (logically) well represented the automotive brands also had some great ideas.

1. Honda "We're fans of you too" Jack o' Lanterns 
Last year Honda created a Facebook photo album "True Love Can Be Scary" to recognise fans who had carved Honda inspired Jack-o-Lanterns. This year they repaid their fans love by commissioning Jack-o-Lanterns to be carved in the likeness of their Facebook fans. 

Honda's Halloween "We're fans of you too" Facebook Album 
What I like is that this fits into the larger "We're fans of you too" advertising campaign. The Facebook page is used to glorify and spread obsessive fan love - photos include Honda tattoos, haircuts and lawns mowed into the logo. They're currently running an "experiment" based on the fact that everyone knows someone who loves Honda - aka the Kevin Bacon experiment. View the Honda facebook page here

2. Guinness Halloween Coasters
This is from 2009 but was worth including to demonstrate how great a simple, well-executed idea can be. The concept was used by a bar in Romania to promote sales of Guinness during their Halloween party.   

Guinness's striking black colour makes it a natural fit for Halloween - here's a print ad from this year's campaign:

Envied at: Ads of the World 

3. Chupa Chups Scream Stopper 
Taking a different approach Chupa Chups market themselves as the ultimate "Scream Stopper" for this Halloween - making you seem braver by stemming the flow of embarrassing high pitched screams. 

Envied at: Ads of the World

4. Mini Dress Up
In the spirit of dressing up Mini allowed "other" cars to a Mini for a night with these one size fits all car costume.

Envied at: I Believe in Advertising 

5. Google Pumpkins
And lastly from Google comes this time-delay video - nice to see them get into the Halloween advertising spirit too!  

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