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9 November 2011

Augmented Reality Uses - Part 3

Use #3: Your Virtual Sales Person  
While robotic sales people may still be a while off, a virtual salesperson through augmented reality (AR) is already a possibility. AR can be used to provide information on the product and brand. The AR experience often requires the the customer to pick up the physical product and hold in front of a screen. A smart move - considering getting your product in your customer's hands is often the first step of selling in retail!

42Below's Alternate Worlds 
Holding a bottle of 42Below (with a special necktag) in front of an in-store display stand unlocks the 'alternate 42Below world'. Each flavour unlocks a different world which can be manipulated and controlled with the bottle. See how this works after the jump...

Jason Pearson of 42Below told Stoppress that they wanted to to use augmented reality to create something different and useful. Pearson explained that the main function was to explain the products while providing some suggestions on ideal mixes.

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