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30 August 2011

Backing NZ 100% - Pak'n'Petone

Photo via Twitpic
The Soccer World Cup in 2010 perfectly demonstrated the fact, you don't have to be a sponsor, to capitalise on sporting events. Nike did it with their "Write the future" campaign - features most of the current soccer stars from around the world but perhaps the most remembered were the Bavaria beer girls. The official beer sponsor was... darn I forget... but it wasn't Bavaria! 36 dutch women dressed in matching orange dresses (the brand colour) were accused of ambush marketing - which carries jail time in South Africa. The girls and brand both denied any association - but the publicity and rumors were still widespread.

It's becoming critical that sporting event organisers provide value to the sponsors by protecting their share of the publicity from the game. The 2011 Rugby World Cup is certainly working hard in this area - threatening $300,000 fines for using their name or logos and taking small businesses such as pubs to court for daring to advertise they are showing RWC games!

However, there's still plenty of opportunities for smart operators to cash in on the growing anticipation of the RWC and the feeling of nationalistic pride. Here's some pictures of the transformation of Pak'n'Save Petone (makes the goal posts that were erected some months ago make a lot more sense!). 

Pak'n'Save Petone 
Although this shop fit out is an individual store effort - it's in line with the national advertising campaign "Backing NZ 100%".

Apologies for photo quality - not the best impromptu iPhone snaps! 

There's no doubt what this support is all about - but cleverly no trademarks or sponsorship rights are infringed - wonder if this will be rolled out wider across other stores...

Inside the store - hundreds of All Blacks flags and even reprints of iconic rugby moments hung as art across the walls - they definitely went all out! 

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