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9 August 2011

NZ Art Show - My purchase

Don't worry, I may have missed out on owning a Jordan Barnes, but I didn't leave the NZ Art Show empty handed. I feel in love with so many pieces but ended up settling on one piece "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" by Lynne McMenamin. 

This piece has a certain gentleness that really caught my eye (although a creepy man leaning over my shoulder and whispering that it looked like me did almost destroy this completely!). Once I got over my insecurities of nepotism I decided I still loved this watercolour enough to take it home. I would like to try my hand at watercolour and maybe this will give me a bit of inspiration (now just need to find the time!). 

Time for an admission... after buying the piece I researched the artist and it seems that this is very different to any of her other works (mainly fish and native birds)... let's just say I think this will be the only McMenamin in my collection but I like it just as much all the same.  

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