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23 August 2011

5 Great Post It Ad Campaigns

I love stationary! Post It notes are a wonderful invention that have a multitude of uses... here are 5 advertising ones... only one of which is actually for Post It themselves! 

Number 1: Galeria Melissa (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Using stop-motion animation and 350,000 Post It notes this is truly amazing. The patience and imagination required to pull this off are mind blowing!

This isn't actually to promote Post Its (although I hope they came to the party with a discount on all those notes!) - the installation covered the facade of Melissa, Sao Paulo.It was used to launch their "Power of Lover spring/summer 2012 collection. It took 25 animators 5 months to create the piece. As a lovely unexpected twist to this tale, 30,000 spontaneous love note were written by Melissa fans and visitors - now that's powerful brand love!  

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Number 2: Whitcoulls - Mother's Day Window (Auckland, NZ) 
8,700 Post Its covered the windows of a bookstore in Auckland's CBD to celebrate Mother's Day 2010.  

Seems the concept was well received with crowds gathering to write on the Post Its throughout the weekend

Envied at Opinion Added (more info on installation and pics through this link)

Number 3: Oral B Teeth Whitening (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 
The essence of Envy Collection - a simple idea, executed beautifully. Oral-B's product makes your teeth whiter the more you use it, and the post-it note pad get's whiter the more you use it - brilliant! 

Number 4: Will & Kate Wedding Post It 
Like many others I was swept up in the romance of the royal wedding, and this billboard scores points for timeliness and "cute" factor.

Text reads:
Will <3 Kate 
May you stick together forever.

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Number 5: Wii'll not forget 
Capitalising on the trend for all things retro Nintendo introduced the ability to play oldschool games like Mario and Donkey Kong on it's Wii console. Each Post It had a tribute on the back "Wii'll not forget" and the elevator pitch. 

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Bonus Campaign - Accidental movie product placement 
Post Its always remind me of Romy's & Michelle's High School Reunion - when they pretend to be rich from inventing Post Its - classic!

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