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12 August 2011

New Zealand Fashion Week

WORLD 2010
New Zealand Fashion Week is 29th August - 3rd September 2011. There's already some great collaborations and brand partnerships emerging as sponsors and designers look to leverage this event. With sponsors like Red Bull and Absolut it's set to be some great envying action and of then there's the fashion! Particularly looking forward to seeing Hailwood, Lonely Hearts, Stolen Girlfriends, Miro Moda, Sable & Minx, NomD and WORLD. SO EXCITED! 

2010 NZ Fashion Week
Nom*D 2010
WORLD 2010
Miro Moda Ana Hau 2010
Nicole Miller 2010
Turet Knuefermann 2010
Turet Knuefermann 2010

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