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10 August 2011

Nestrest - The ultimate cocoon chair

Doesn't that look like the perfect place to curl up enjoy a good book?
Of course this plan would slightly weather dependent, Wellington style winds are probably not the ideal environment. The NESTREST is designed by Paris' Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. It's described as an over-sized bird's nest that's perfect for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations. And if you love the design, but dangling in the air isn't your thing, NESTREST is also available as a standing lounger. 

It's made of 4 cm wide strips of a unique material called DEDON Fiber, the world's first synthetic resin fiber material. DEDON Fiber is said to be weatherproof and environmentally friendly, as well as durable and beautiful. Interestingly, the material was designed by Bobby Dekeysera German top-tier goalkeeper who decided to leave his sport, producing this with his new-found time.

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