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9 August 2011

Jordan Barnes - NZ Artist

I went to the NZ Art Show last month and was completely struck by one particular artist - Jordan Barnes. I wasn't the only one though, all his pieces had already sold. Perhaps a blessing in disguise as my bank balance was left a little healthier but still I can't help feeling a little disappointed I don't own one of these pieces! 

"I have an appreciation for the small moments that make up our lives. A lot of my paintings are focused on these moments, capturing the beauty in the ordinary".~ Jordan Barnes 
Quilter's Bookstore - One of my favourite's of the show (and my vote for Signature Piece Art Award), this piece is hard to describe using a picture. The realism and detail captured were unbelievable, I really did feel like I was invading a private moment as the subject browsed the books quietly)

A Sudden Sense of Vulnerability


"See You Soon Kid"
Collection of Jordan Barnes's pieces for the NZ Art Show
Quilter's Bookstore - In Progress

An incredibly talented guy, Barnes sold his first piece at only 14 years old and has been painting and exhibiting since 16. He was the first recipient of the New Zealand Affordable Art Trust Artist Grant providing him a $15,000 salary over 6 months and his own Lyall Bay studio for that time. The grant also provided his gallery at the NZ Art Show, given his success at the show I hope he will be back next year too. He is also a music artist, releasing his debut music video onto NZ stations last year. 

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