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2 September 2011

WORLD Made Me Do It! Number One Shoes launch

So exciting - tonight is the final of NZ's Next Top Model - live from the WORLD Fashion show. I'm not overly concerned who will win but I am looking forward to seeing the new collaboration between WORLD and Number One Shoes. From opposite ends of the fashion budget this is partnership will allow a far larger audience to access one of NZ's favourite designers. Benny Castles of WORLD sums it up nicely in the video below "fashion doesn't exist unless people are buying the product and wearing it and loving it" Shoes will be on sale in stores tomorrow, what a great way to launch! Read on to view Benny Castles and Francis Hooper video interview.

A sneak peek was just seen on TV3 news and the range looks packed with colour and personality for the upcoming Summer season. 

Francis Hooper of WORLD (via The Edge)

"The colours, shapes and textures we have collaborated with are fashion. The ideas are genius and on trend. As fashion designers we always love it when we can design a complete look, so creating a luxurious capsule collection of high quality fashion shoes with the largest retailer in New Zealand is so exciting!"

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