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9 September 2011

New Blood, New England - The real RWC branding scandal

Forget the controversy surrounding Adidas gear pricing or Telecom's abstain campaign debacle... I think the real scandal is the England's black playing strip. The last thing that English supporters will see at Heathrow on their way to the tournament is the above billboard! Game on England!

I tend to agree with the opinion of Keith Quinn, NZ Commentator (on Stuff):

''Of all the colours in the rainbow, why would they choose the colour of the host nation? They are thumbing their noses at a New Zealand tradition. It's bizarre."

 This video by Nike shows the England team crossing over the dark side...  

Also bugging me - the fact that Tonga, by winning the coin toss, will be the first team to do the haka tonight. Doesn't being the host gain some advantage, or at very least some respect?


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