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15 September 2011

Victoria's Secret Revealed Through QR Code Billboards

While QR codes aren't normally the prettiest things, the "Sexier Than Skin" Victoria's Secret campaign puts them in a whole new light!

victorias secret QR

These billboards break two cardinal rules of [fashion] advertising - show the product and communicate the brand! The campaign relies on the viewers' curiosity being strong enough to make them scan the QR code to learn more (assuming they have a smartphone equipped with a QR reader).   

Victoria's Secret Sexier Than Skin QR Code
Photos via Social Wayne
The problem I have with this is that the billboards would be more likely to catch the attention of males, but I'd bet Victoria's Secret have more female consumers!

I'd be interested in what was information was provided once the QR code was scanned. This would make more sense to me if it there was a special offer to encourage males to purchase for their partners, or if it was launched around a gift buying holiday such as Valentine's Day.

QR Code Useage  
Also this infographic by Queaar shows that 64% of people scanning QR Codes in the US are females! It also shows that 87% of consumers expect to see a coupon or deal when they scan a QR code.

Still I must applaud Victoria's Secret for finding an eye catching and creative way to ultilise QR Codes!

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